Olli Ella Holdie Marine

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The Marine wildlife of Holdie™ World are wonderful and diverse. These three friends are all very different, but that doesn’t stop them from having fun together.

Handmade from a soft wool blend with embroidered features, these three Marine friends are the perfect size for small hands and are wonderful prompts for hours of imaginative play.

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Say hello to our friend Octopus who loves to impress everyone with her multitasking ability. Octopus is mighty helpful and can always be found putting those eight long legs to use cleaning up terrible litter and rubbish from the Holdie™ Ocean floor.

Then there is Turtle, who travels far and wide, riding the currents and waves of Holdie™ world’s vast blue seas. Turtle is a storyteller, wise with knowledge, who loves to chat about islands with coconuts and the kids who play there.

Don’t let the toothy grin scare you; Shark loves nothing more than a chat and a cuddle and is Holdie™ worlds go to when anyone feels worried or blue. Shark knows all the best spots to sit and watch Holdie™ world go by and where to get the tastiest kelp snacks!

Fill your Holdie™ world with under-the-water friends by adding Holdie™ Ocean friends into the mix for fun-filled play all day.

Holdie™ Marine Set includes 3 x Marine Animals; animals are not sold separately.


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